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  • richardo

    Ricardo Liborio – FL USA

    Head instructor & co-founder of American Top Team.

    Three-time Brazilian National Champion.

    IBJJF World Champion 2000.

    NAGA Grappling Hall of Fame.

    To write something about George, the first word that comes to my mind is a strong work ethic.
    An exemplar athlete… Being the first to get into the gym and the last to leave.
    I remember when he was cutting weight in one of his fights…. It was a very hard cut… we got stuck w the last pounds, the solution was to take him to the hot tub …the man never complain and never surrender until we made the weight…. demonstration of his will and character.
    George always push himself to the limits, sometimes we have to remind him that we are all humans… lol
    A great fighter, team mate and father.
    George is an example of hard work and dedication.
    Beyond anything else George is a good man.
    Good luck with everything my brother.

  • sonnen

    Chael Sonnen – OR USA

    19 x UFC Veteran.

    3 x UFC Title Challenger.

    The Ultimate Fighter 17.

    The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 Coach.

    George is a very technical student of the sport. Through his own sacrifice and determination he has developed a very rare set of skills and techniques that are unique to him. What truly sets him apart is his ability to explain and teach those experiences and techniques with others.

  • eric

    Eric Jetton – OR USA

    NCAA Wrestling Finalist 1998.

    All American.

    I have trained with many elite wrestlers and George is always a pleasure to train with. His understanding high level technique and ability to adapt them to his game is second to none. George’s positive attitude and open mind to new techniques make him very unique. George is a wealth of knowledge and has one of the strongest work ethics I’ve ever seen.

  • din

    Din Thomas – FL USA

    9 x UFC Veteran.

    The Ultimate Fighter 4 Contestant.

    George is the consummate professional. He is very meticulous about every aspect of training and his attention to detail is second to none. Training with him was a pleasure.

  • herman

    Ed Herman – WA USA

    20 x UFC Veteran.

    I enjoyed training with George, wish I had more time with him to work on my half guard he has great technique and a unique coaching style.
    I think George is a great coach from beginners to veterans.

  • nick

    Nick Kara – VIC AUS

    WMTA World Thaiboxing Champion.

    The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes Coach.

    I’ve known George Sotiropoulos for 15 years. During his training days with me, he dedicated his time and effort to learn the ropes of becoming a great fighter. Equipped with his relentless determination and willingness to learn, he mastered the techniques very quickly. George assimilated an amazing variety of techniques because he could transition from the ground, to stand up. This was so easy for him.
    I had the chance to work alongside George as his assistant coach on The Ultimate Fighter Smashes Series for the Australian vs the UK team. As the head coach, George knew his craft and used that to his advantage. His knowledge of MMA was unbelievable. He made observations of both teams and trained the Australian team to their fullest capabilities. Not only was George professional, he also showed genuine care towards his team.

  • stefane

    Stefane Dias – FL USA

    Stefane Dias earned his Ph.D. and Master`s degree in Sports Training from Russia. He worked as Head Strength and Conditioning coach of American Top Team for 8 years and he is a second-degree black belt under Master Ricardo Liborio. In 2015, Dr. Dias became Professor of Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology at Keiser University.

    For many years I worked with high level athletes in different sports including BJJ world champions and ex- Olympic medalists. I had the chance to train George Sotiropoulos for the TUF – Australia and for couple other fights and I am proud to say that George is a high level MMA and BJJ fighter. He is very creative in his positions and transitions and an amazing inspiration for young athletes. One thing I can guarantee: he is the most dedicated competitor in the game and I definitely recommend his gym to everybody due to his great character, loyalty and expertise! I have much respect for you George. Osss

  • charles

    Charles McCarthy – FL USA

    3 x UFC Veteran.

    The Ultimate Fighter 4 Contestant.

    George Sotiropoulos is one of the most brilliant technicians I have met in martial arts. His ability to break down a martial artists strengths and weaknesses and communicate them is coupled with his immense skills at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing and a half dozen other martial arts making George one of the most valuable minds in mixed martial arts today.

  • charles

    Charles Rosa – FL USA

    4 x UFC Veteran.

    My name is Charles Rosa. I am professional MMA fighter signed with the UFC. I met George when I was just an amateur fighter, coming up the ranks he would refer to me as “young grasshopper”, I always looked up to George, he was always one of the top MMA grapplers in the game, I would often ask his for tips. He always treated me with respect and helped mentor me, teaching me tricks and techniques along the way. As he is a incredible coach and even more so a mentor, I would highly recommend George to anyone looking to learn martial arts. His wisdom is so valuable and I wish he was still here to teach me more!! If you have the opportunity to train with an elite grappler like George take full advantage of it!

  • richie

    Richie Vaculic – NSW AUS

    4 x UFC Veteran.

    The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes Contestant.

    It was an absolute privilege and a pleasure to have been coached by George as a part of team Oz in the TUF ‘Smashes’. I still reference back to those 6 weeks to draw on things he taught us, not only on the mat but in fighting and life in general. He has amazing fight IQ and experience and I am very grateful to have been a student of his, if one for a brief moment.
    Cheers Georgie!

  • john

    John Campbell – VIC AUS

    Owner and Head Coach at Infinite MMA.

    My initial contact with George was on the mat back in ’98 and he immediately showed that special gift. Over the Blessed years as his personal student and training partner I bore witness to his Elite technical ability and attention to detail. That alone is hard to achieve, however George’s rare aptitude to break down complicated techniques in to bite sized nuggets propelled him into a dominant force. I watch in awe as George shattered the Australian BJJ and MMA scenes and launched into Australia’s Premier MMA export at the UFC. Having George as part of my life has changed it for the better, his instruction and mentor ship is the best of encountered and I can’t recommend him enough.

  • Ryan

    Ryan Castillo (Hornet) – NY USA

    I have had the privilege to train with George on many occasions, some being one on one. His dedication to training hard and smart is unmatched. With immense knowledge of Jiu Jitsu and other mixed martial arts, I was lucky to have picked his brain when I could. I look forward to training with him again very soon.

  • Rory

    Rory Dalton – VIC AUS

    George lives and breathes fighting.
    He is a fighter that is capable of providing high quality instruction to others. Rather than just showing you a few moves, George makes sure you understand why you are executing a technique in a particular way. His enthusiasm for fighting is contagious and very motivating. He is truly an amazing well rounded fighter.

  • peter

    Peter Daglas – VIC AUS

    Training with George is like nothing else I have ever experienced. His classes are informative, well structured and highly explosive! So many fond memories of spending hours and hours drilling single leg takedowns under a rope! George Sotiropoulos is not your average coach, he's a warrior!!

  • ashley

    Ashley Powell – VIC AUS

    George has a special ability to break down techniques, I know this from having trained with multiple world renowned coaches since my time with George and can confidently state his ability to teach and knowledge of techniques is at an elite world class level, had he not left Australia I would still be training with him.

  • steve

    Steve Foulds – VIC AUS

    Head of Performance and Conditioning.

    I first learnt MMA under George back in 2003 and to this day he is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with. Some of the techniques he uses to get the most out of people I’ve used myself all the way up to elite level international athletes.

  • james

    James Jelley – NSW AUS

    BJJ Black Belt Ballina NSW Australia.

    I trained with George Sotiropoulos for several years in Geelong, Australia from 2000 until approximately 2006. George was always the first on the mat and the last to leave. He was always looking for improvements to his Grappling game which at the time was one of the best in Australia. George is a consummate professional and in the time I trained with him I witnessed him dominate the Australian BJJ scene. In George’s time in the UFC he had the longest winning streak of any Aussie and still holds that record to this day. In the last couple of years I have been able to train at George’s seminars when he has come back to Australia. He is a very technical coach with an awesome skill set and I highly recommend him as a coach.

  • Ivan

    Ivan Kretzschmar – VIC AUS

    I had the privilege of having George Sotiropoulos as my coach. The technical knowledge of brazilian jiu jitsu , wrestling and mma George gained while traveling the world has to be seen to be believed and his ability to pass on the knowledge is just as impressive. George trained and cornered me for my first fight, the training camp was amazing but what I valued most was the way he calmed my nerves just before the fight putting me in the right head space which lead to me giving a performance I can be proud of the rest of my life.

  • tom

    Tom Palmer – OR USA

    BJJ brown belt and physician and surgeon.

    You have the opportunity to train under a prestigious Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, George Sotiropoulos. Not only does he have a depth of experience in MMA and BJJ, but he also has a rare talent; he knows how to coach. This is not a given! Just because you have a black belt doesn’t mean you can teach. George is a excellent instructor. He can watch you performing a drill or rolling and will tweak your technique until you become a expert! Yeah, you can do a arm bar, but do you have all the subtle movements that will turn your arm bar from a sometime submission to a high percentage move? George has that ability to teach you that difference. At my ripe age of 57, I have been around a lot of coaches that mechanically teach a move, George has a in depth understanding of the principle and all the finer points of a technique, and more importantly he articulates and demonstrates the perfect display of it. Anybody can look at a move on YouTube, but few can get you to perform it correctly, George is one of those few! So count yourself blessed that you have the opportunity to train under someone as talented as George Sotiropoulos.

  • keisuke

    Keisuke Andrew – OR USA

    Owner/Head Coach Enso Jiu Jitsu.

    Despite being an elite level MMA/Jiu Jitsu practitioner, George Sotiropoulos has an amazing work ethic and attitude towards learning and sharpening his skills. George is an amazing training partner who I can feel safe training with and will push his training partners to grow their game together. George opening his own gym is a long time coming and I’m excited for him to finally get a chance to share his wealth of knowledge that he has accumulated over the years of training and high level competition in both MMA and Jiu Jitsu.

  • jeremiah

    Jeremiah Rodeman – WA USA

    Mr. Sotiropoulos is a technician. He is a very technical martial artist whether it be Grappling or Striking. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to train under him. He has taught me a lot not only in martial arts, but LIFE. If I was still residing in the area where he currently teaches, I would most assuredly be training with him. He takes the time to break down every aspect of the martial arts game….

  • Jason

    Jason Apple – OR USA

    I had the pleasure of training with George Sotiropoulos for a few years between 2010 to 2012, along side Alex Bubb and Bryan Cantrell. George was the most experienced and well rounded of us all. A Jiu Jitsu black belt and also at the time in the running for a possible UFC title fight! Alex, Bryan and myself all had backgrounds in college wrestling. However each of us very different styles! Alex is the athletic phenom, Bryan is the super technical and myself more of grit and grind style! This was the perfect combination for some serious training sessions. I had many fights myself in the amateur bouts and at the time was looking to turn professional and Alex was training for his first fight of all places in Croatia on a reality TV show coached by legendary wrestler and coach Dan Russell! This training was by far the best training I've ever experienced in mix martial arts! Each of us were very different in style and technique bringing a very well rounded and diverse atmosphere to our training! Steering us together and helping us all improve was coach Eric Jetton, former NCAA wrestling runner up and Jiu Jitsu black belt! Eric had a unique way of coaching were he showed concepts that pertained to fighting and it was really interesting how effective it was! Also the interesting aspect was how at the time we would adapt his teaching as a group and really be able to use the teaching to the fullest effect in the sport of MMA! Eric was always open to our ideas and our suggestions in the technique we would go over! I felt that together we were truly creating some of the best technique out there and our sessions left us dead tired but also left you satisfied with the tremendous workout and breakthroughs we had. I remember times laying on the mat after a brutal workout and we would all just be like wow we really have some great stuff here!! Our workouts consisted of all styles of training! We had our wrestling days were all 4 of us grinded it out for hours! We had our no-gi jits days wear I picked up several techniques and know how from George and Eric. We would also cross train in Vancouver at Gladiator with a few other fighters including professional fighter Austin Springer at his gym. We would do live sparring in the cage there. It was the most well rounded training you could ever ask for where the group of us all became really close and good friends! At the time I was by far the best fighter technique and skill wise ever! I thank the success and knowledge from my training partner and coach. When you literally blood and sweat with training partners and push each other the way we did you cant but not have this underlining mutual respect for each other! I will never forget those days in fact they are dearly missed!