About Academy

Omega Jiu Jitsu & MMA offers programs in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Striking.

The following is encompassed in our programs;

  • Free Movement Phase

    The free movement phase is where all MMA matches and many street fights begin, with both fighters on their feet, with no grip on each other. The lack of contact and grip allows them to move freely-hence, the name. Such freedom of movement allows fast footwork, shooting, and striking; it is unsurprising that these are the most important in this phase of the fight.

  • Standing Clinch

    Once a fight begins, it almost always goes into a clinch. Interestingly, most street fights begin in a clinch (rather than free movement), with grappling, shoving and holding. The fact that the fighters hold each other restrict their movement. A distinct set of skills is required to do well in the standing position, and these skills are different from those required in the free movement phase. The skills that are crucial in this phase of combat include attaining and breaking a grip; off balancing an opponent and keeping one’s own balance and posture; striking in the clinch; takedowns appropriate to clinch fighting; standing submissions; as so on.

  • Ground Combat

    Almost no fights begin in this phase; however, they almost always end up there. Going to the ground totally changes the nature of that fight. Movement in a supine position is very different from movement in a standing position, and it requires extensive training before it becomes natural. Great control is possible on the ground because bodyweight and the ground itself can be used to pin an opponent and confine his movements. This makes possible the use of many highly efficient submission holds. The key skills in ground combat are the application of submission holds, the ability to work your way out of inferior positions, and the skill to move into increasingly dominant positions.